New World Calendar: 2100-Calendar

Click on the link and you will see my Power Point Presentation about the updated Gregorian calendar. My 2100-Calendar is the optimal physical-mathematical world calendar till date. Enjoy:

20180729 The 2100 calendar


Click on the link below and you will see my study of 12 July 2019:

The 2100-Calendar

A global replacement for the Gregorian Calendar.

The mathematically best approach to a calendar for the Earth in the 21st century and 10.000 years beyond.

20190712 Study about the 2100 Calendar ENG FINAL

The study was forwarded to Copenhagen University for evaluation, discussion, and possible distribution on the 12th of July 2019.  Note, that this first step is only about the scientific discussion about the study. The political work to implement the 2100-Calendar will follow.

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